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Welcome to Temple Avodah

Temple Avodah Band - Schleppenwolf

Schleppenwolf: (a/k/a the Temple Avodah Band) a slightly crazy group of temple volunteers who come together and bring their significant musical talents to enhance our Services and spirits.

The Musicians: Tom Wieder – guitar, Ben Velella – drums,  Billy Ziff – bass, Glenn Manion - guitar, keyboard,  and other instruments as needed. All our musicians have played, or currently play, professionally. We were born to be wild.

The Name: If you’ve ever seen the amplifiers, guitars, drums, keyboard and PA needed for a service you will get the name Schleppenwolf. Clearly this team does not take themselves too seriously! Other names considered included Uri’s Fury, Rock Shabbatster, Kosher Play, Bima Boyz, Greendayenu, The Rolling Matzah Balls, Black Shabbos, Mitzvahtallica, Bagelmania, Nu? 2, Tanta Pearl’s Jam, Red Hot Stuffed Cabbage, and Lead Kreplach.

The Music: It’s all over the musical spectrum which is one of the wonderful aspects of Temple Avodah. For the Rock Shabbat service that features our Junior and Teen Choirs the music combines traditional melodies presented with an upbeat, up-to-date sound, and more current music composed for prayer. Then there are the special theme services like our Motown, Beatles or Rabbi’s Anniversary Shabbats, led by our Cantor, Amelia Fox. Many of our themed and special services may also be viewed on our Video Gallery.

Some History: Bringing the electric guitar into the occasional service goes back almost 25 years and was initiated byTom (same guy but now with silver hair). It was a trio of guitar, bass and drums and, as it happened, all three players were part of interfaith marriages…Tom being the only Jew. Among those in the know, the trio was dubbed Jew Plus 2. On the occasions when only Tom and 1 of the others played they became Jew and Me, and, of course, when only Tom played the “band” became Just Jew.

Prayer should lift the spirit. Prayer can be fun and meaningful. The music and musicians of Temple Avodah help us achieve a connection to G-d and a sense of belonging that only happens when we are together.


Tue, July 23 2024 17 Tammuz 5784