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Dedications & Donations

Temple Avodah Donations as Permanent Remembrances and to Temple Funds

It is often customary in the Jewish tradition to acknowledge a Simcha or to remember a loved one by making a donation to the synagogue. Temple Avodah offers a variety of donation opportunities.

 Making a donation in memory or in honor of a loved one is a great way to show that you care. For example, donations may be made to congratulate a family on the birth of a child or grandchild, celebration of an event (anniversary, birthday, party, etc), in honor of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, to wish someone a speedy recovery, or in loving memory of a someone who passed away. Any event where you might send a card or gift or basket or flowers, you can make a donation to Temple Avodah in their honor, memory or name, and then the family receives a card sent by Temple about the donation (without the dollar amount). The donation (without dollar amount), if you desire, is also listed in the monthly Temple Topics Newsletter. It is a way to donate to Temple Avodah and honor a friend or family member at the same time.,

Making a donation is simple. You can do so easily online on the Temple Website by clicking here. You may also call the Temple office at 766-6809  and speak with Andrea or Jill.  Cards will be sent to the person or families named.

Click here to  make a contribution to any of the Temple Avodah funds, call the Temple Office at 516-766-6809, or email us by clicking here.

Temple Avodah is pleased to offer opportunities for permanent remembrances.

Our Tree of Life 

A beautiful artistic tree, is prominently displayed in our Temple Lobby. A leaf or rock on our “Tree of Life” can be purchased in honor of a celebratory or milestone event such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, graduation or wedding, or just a way to say “I love you.” Etched in brass colored leaves for a lasting memory.   Leaf - $180.00  Rock - $360.00. Click here to order online.


Memorial Plaques

Buying a memorial plaque that will be mounted on the synagogue wall provides a lasting remembrance of a loved one.            The plaque is lit for the yearly Yahrzeit remembrance and on Yom Kippur.    PLEASE ALLOW 12 WEEKS for processing.            Yahrzeit Plaque - $360.00 for Members $500.00 for Nonmembers. Click here to order online.


Seat Plaques

A seat plaque can also be mounted in the sanctuary for any occasion.  Seat plaque - $360.00

Our Walkway of Memories

Purchasing a brick on the “Walk of Honor” outside the entrance to the synagogue is another way of honoring/celebrating a loved one or remembering a special occasion. An ideal way to honor an anniversary, birthday, graduation or special event. It is also a perfect way to remember a friend or loved one who is no longer with us. Bricks are permanently etched.     Available in single or double sized bricks. Single brick - $180.00 Double brick - $360.00  Click here to order online.

Temple Avodah also maintains a number of special funds to which donations can be made.

These funds were created in order to have resources available to help and, in some cases, sustain many programs and activities at Temple. When a donation is made to one of these funds, the donor’s name is listed in the monthly Temple Topics publication and, if requested, an acknowledgement is sent to the family. Below is a list of the various funds and a brief description of each. This is a very easy way to make a donation to Temple Avodah and do something kind and special for a friend or family member. Please click on the Donate page or call the office for information on minimum donation amounts and for further assistance on choosing a fund.

The Amanda Rose Kanowitz Children’s Library Fund and The Alan M. Katz Memorial Library Fund: provide for the purchase of new materials and for the maintenance of the library facilities

Music Fund: helps support musical programs at Temple

Anita Berger Campership Fund: helps in sponsoring a child from our Religious School to attend a summer camp program

Fromewick Children’s Education Fund: provides funding to support programs and trips administered by our Religious School

Lillian Klein Adult Education Fund: provides funding for adult education programs, including guest speakers and Scholar-in-Residence programs

Rabbi Philmore Berger Leadership Development Fund: provides funding for activities, seminars and programs designed to aid in the development of current and new Temple volunteer leadership

Raymond Heettner Endowment Fund: enriches education and travel opportunities for children in the Religious School

Joan & Erwin Kombert Gardens Fund: helps in funding landscaping at our facility

Sacred Prayer Book Fund: purchases new prayer and Torah books. A book plate is inserted into the book to acknowledge the donation.

Simcha/Memorial Fund: provides for improvements and up keep of the sanctuary

Capital Campaign Fund: used to fund the cost of the renovation of our facility

Sponsoring an Oneg

At Temple Avodah, we have a beautiful, meaningful and sweet tradition: On the Shabbat of the Yahrzeit of a loved one, the family can sponsor the Oneg after Friday night services in honor or in memory of a loved one. In the words of Rabbi and Peppy Goren: “Peppy and I have been sponsoring Onegs for happy occasions, so this is no different. By sponsoring the Oneg, we remember their sweetness, we honor their memories and practice the act of tzedakah, charity, by helping our synagogue survive. I hope when the Yahrzeit of a loved one comes up, we can all share the sweetness of their memory with the sweetness of our Oneg after Friday night services.”

A family can sponsor the Oneg after Friday night services for all sorts of occasions: To celebrate, to honor, to share an occasion, or to remember. The cost to sponsor the Oneg is only $136.00.

To find out more about sponsoring an Oneg, please click here to go to our Donate page, or call the Temple office.

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