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High Holiday Guest Tickets


Guest Tickets can only be issued to member’s family – either their grown children (age 31 and over) or their extended family members who do not reside in our immediate geographical area. If the person you are requesting tickets for is a member of another congregation, we will issue reciprocal tickets. Please contact the Temple Office for more information. If you require additional tickets, please complete form.  The cost for an additional High Holiday Ticket is $136.

Please indicate your preference for service and return this form to the synagogue office.
All ticket requests must be received in writing via email, or postal mail.
No phone requests will be honored.


We request additional tickets for the following relatives who do not reside with us or in the local area. Please clearly print the complete name of the person you are requesting the ticket for.


Tue, October 4 2022 9 Tishrei 5783