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Chanukah Gift Shop sponsored by Sisterhood 2022

These are a sampling of what we have at our store. Please call the office and arrange to stop by to see all of our Chanukah items.

The Chanukah Gift Shop will also be open in person during Shabbat Services before Chanukah, on December 2nd, 9th, and 16th.
All items must be picked up at Temple Avodah in person, unless other arrangements are made. We do not ship.

       Chanukah Candles - $9

          Lighted Menorah - $25 (limited quantities)

High grade wax and beautiful hues of blue and white are among the features that people love about these Deluxe Candles! They bring life to the Menorah and joy to the Chanukah celebration.

These beautifully made electric Menorahs have variable lighting settings. Can be set to lighting sequentially as well as blinking and other effects. Led lights. JR-5

        Lighted Menorah - $35 (limited quantities)

           Lighted Menorah - $25 (limited quantities)

Illuminate the Chanukah night with the festive & sparkling tubes of this LED battery operated Menorah! Each tube features a "Diamond Cut Aluminum" with push-button sequential lighting PLUS unique extra functions such as chasing & blinking lights to enhance the Chanukah experience! EMJ-4

Illuminate Chanukah with this energy-sipping LED Menorah! Styled in the classic Menorah shape and rich blue color, this Menorah is powered either by a micro USB cable that can be plugged into a wall or a computer/USB port, or powered by 4 AAA batteries! This allows the Menorah to be placed in your most desired area, without requiring an electrical outlet nearby. Push button operation easily permits sequential lighting and will illuminate your space with the warm glow of the Chanukah / Hanukkah holiday! JRN-400

           Lighted Menorah - $15 (limited quantities)

           Lighted Menorah - $35 (limited quantities)

The LED Menorah that makes you smile! Sporting a whimsical design, this Menorah features push-button sequential lighting PLUS unique extra functions such as chasing & blinking lights, for extra holiday enjoyment! Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). JRN-500

This Silver Plastic Electric Menorah features the latest in LED Technology! Powered by a Micro USB Cord (included without Wall Charger) or with 4 AAA batteries (not included) for the ultimate in flexibility. Sequential lighting, cool touch bulbs, & space saving design. JRN-210

          Candle Menorah - $35 (limited quantities)

          Candle Menorah - $25 (limited quantities)

This contemporary Menorah has become the new standard bearer of Menorah design! Constructed of high quality aluminum with a high polish finish, this is a most popular Menorah. Chrome finish. MP-354

This modern Menorah is beautifully constructed of high quality aluminum with a high polish finish, Chrome finish (not gold). 8 1/2" high x 8" wide. MP-XXX

Candle Menorah very heavy - $45 (last one)

         Candle Menorah compact - $25 (last one)

A very heavy chrome menorah (not gold colored). Dreidel spins. This is a high quality piece. It measures 10" wide x 4" high. A modern yet classic menorah designed to last for generations. JN-AV

A compact, chrome colored, aluminum menorah. Perfect for a small home, apartment, dorm room, etc. Measures 6 1/4" high x 6" wide. JN-AV1

        Chanukah Memory Game - $5

                Dreidel Pop'n'Spin Game - $12

Don't forget to play Memory! The classic Memory game takes a turn for the better with Chanukah themed graphics that has kids of all ages playing for all 8 days! MG

Forget spinning - get in on some Dreidel popping action with this fun and competitive Dreidel Pop & Spin game! Up to 4 players compete to get their pieces all around the board, all by the pop of the Dreidel! GAC-8

         Build Your Own Wood Menorah - $25.00

Holiday Socks asst sizes and colors - $5 pair

Build your own wood menorah. Then decorate it using the included markers, make dreidels, make a Happy Chanukah sign. Hours of fun! DYO

Who doesn't need holiday socks? We've got assorted sizes, designs, colors, etc. Come on in and pick out your own. Or give them as a fun gift.

If you need help ordering, please call the office at 516-766-6809.

Thank you for supporting Temple Avodah!
Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783