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November 29, 2015   17 Kislev 5776

In Pirkei Avot we are taught to “Find yourself a teacher and make yourself a friend.” At first glance this may seem a daunting task in our over-programmed world. Here in Oceanside, we have a way to accomplish that goal for our teens.  

So unique, we haven’t given it a name. That’s right. Temple Avodah’s brand new Hebrew High School has a home but not a name, because  our  teens are going to name it and  own it!  .  Dinner, great conversation, socially active and actively social, with sprinkles of Judaism.   Grades 7-12.  For further information, Call or e-mail Rabbi Goren or Sarah Paikin.  Weekly classes begin on Monday, October 19th  at 7:00 p.m.  Here's a sample of our programming:

  • Dinner out
  • Relaxation sessions
  • Poetry Jewish and not
  • Good movies classics and not
  • Write our dreams
  • Cooking/baking
  • Meeting at people's home
  • Painting
  • Music learn words of cool songs
  • Dance
  • Photography/Book of life pictures of the kids life a project to do on line/Computer
  • תפילות Services
  • Computer collage of family history
  • Make Pizza night
  • Jewish Comedy night
  • Ideas for college application
  • Choose section of Talmud/Pirkei Avot/Ethical life
  • Helping at a soup kitchen early evening
  • Basic Hebrew sentences
  • Chanukah gambling
  • Visiting a nursing home for Purim week and bring them some goodies
  • Who am I?
  •  Movies

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